Zema, Trickster Mage


Zema, WIP



The nights were usually lonely for those who lived in this part of Free City. Mayhem was common, but luckily in tolerable enough amounts that those who made their home here were under less scrutiny by what passed as city guard, most antics given a blind eye for the price of a few coin.

Zema was not lonely. As she paced around the small room she called home, she whispered to herself, spitting words out between her teeth. Or it would seem that way to any passersby - they would not see Flik after all, hovering over her shoulder. The demon had the look of a hunched over creature, almost humanoid if not for what should have been its lower body instead fading into a misty wisp, large batlike wings spreading large and crowning over itself. It was one of those wings that the mage stroked now, her eyes flickering over the the carpets, the colourful cushions, the luxurious drapes of cloth strewn all over the chests in the corner. It was still not enough, of course. If there was anything she desired more… well, it was just that. More. This city held treasures close to its breast, and Zema was going to be the one to own them. Why else would she be putting up with such-

A knock at the door, and the woman paused her careful steps. Flik hissed, and a wide smile pulled at her lips, her eyes flashing towards the entrance. Speak of the Black Gods, and they may yet grant you what you seek. The skulls on the nearby shelf seemed to follow her with their empty sockets as she went to answer; if only they had been as half as clever as she, they may have still been alive.


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