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The Cursed Forest Battle Set

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Includes a miniature of Barcia, the Forest Enchantress as a gift!

Set of Miniatures for “Legends of Signum” tabletop wargame.
Material: high-quality resin cast/photopolymer resin.
Scale: 32mm.
Race: wolfen, akkari, elf.
Properties: unpainted, pre-assembled.
Round plastic bases and game cards are included.

Set includes:

Also includes game components: 

  • x2 Special Signum Games Rulers set;
  • x2 Rule Book and Short Rule Leaflet;
  • x2 Special Signum Games Dice Set;
  • x2 Paper Battlefield;
  • Over 120 Game Tokens and Terrain Templates;
  • Over 60 Game Cards.

The set also includes the Quest Mode with additional game components pack (over 90 game cards, tokens, and templates).

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