Lord Varkula Magna Nosferatu

Lord Varkula Magna Nosferatu

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Product SKU: LOS-1162

Lord Varkula Magna Nosferatu

High quality resin cast.
Scale 32mm.
Unpainted, unassembled.
Base and card included.

"So you stand accused of malicious infiltration in my property, incitement to rebellion, numerous threats to me and killing of my servants.”

Prisoner with tied legs and arms proudly raised his chin and spat towards Supreme Vampire.

“If you expect me to beg for a mercy – it’s in vain. I wish I could drive a wooden stake through your wicked heart, cut off the head…”

“Would burn my body and scatter ashes over the water. Did I miss something?” finished Lord Varkula, using a bored tone. “All of you, arrogantly describing themselves as the vampire hunters wish me and my kind only death and oblivion. In different ways however. May I ask, what’s the reason for such maniacal obsession with my death?”

“What is the reason?” a hunter angrily shook his head, trying to weaken tight knots of rope. “You and all of your servants are monsters who feast on the blood of innocent people.”

“Exactly,” a vampire passed a claw over the arm of the chair. “All aristocracy of Banfar and Garsh baronies are vampires, my warriors as well as loyal servants. Being a vampire here is a great honor. This favor is deserved only to a few.”

“And common people are just a feed for you?” asked a hunter.

“Not really. We learned to coexist peacefully with each other. We give a protection and stability to humans. There are no crimes and exorbitant taxes in my barony. They actually pay their taxes by blood, not by money, like in other kingdoms where humans rule. Everyone who has a heart, has a lot of blood, even you have it enough. I feel how it flows through your veins. It’s fair to exchange some of it into everything you will get in return, isn’t it? You were brought here already tied, and it wasn’t caused by vampires. You came into my town and encouraged people to rebellion and defiance. Called me a freak. Promised to kill me, and when my servants tried to placate you, you killed three of them. People who saw this have swarmed you, took your weapon, beaten up and brought you to my court. They literally are as common people as you are. Is that not the direct proof of my words?”

“Curse you!” a prisoner barely shouted.

“I already am, since long ago and forever. But you, people, sometimes seem to me more bloodthirsty.” philosophically noticed lord. A hunter didn’t share his excitement.

“So what are you going to do with me?” asked hunter, looking at him with his bleak view. “Kill me? Drink my blood for the benefit of vampires and humans?”.

Lord Varkula shrugged and looked at a hunter with renewed interest.

“Why? I prefer when a donor personally ready to share the source of his life.”

“You’ll let me go then,” said unbelieving hunter. “And kick me out from your lands alive?!”

“I will,” lord admitted, using barely visible smile. “And definitely alive.”

His mind has become clouded and a vampire remember his past. The past is so terrible that half-conscious hunter would be not capable even to imagine that.

“Did you hear something about Narak?” began the vampire, and first time his voice sounded with a threat. “This is a one of the lower worlds. The world of eternal darkness where the sun never comes up… Nevertheless, this world is full of intelligent beings, such as hungry shadows, fallen gods and many other beings... A long time ago, in a previous life, I went there. This was my own free will, and the only way to save my beloved wife and loyal servants.”

“After the cataclysm which hit Signum world, our land was cursed by a terrible disease. People’s whole families and villages died from this catastrophe… All of my children died one by one. My court mage was sick. I mourned the losses of my kids and friends, and after a while my wife also got sick. None potions and spells could cure a disease. Standing on the threshold of the death, a mage told me about the only one possible way to beat this curse. Only the dark mercy can be stronger than the dark curse. Mage has opened a gate for me into a one of the lower worlds, and I had no other choice but went there with the only one thing I had – a hope. I will not hide that Narak seemed to me a creation of the worst nightmares, but somehow I was able to keep my sanity. After a long time travelling through its lands, I finally found the one who could help me. It was Lilith – one of the goddess of lower worlds. She promised that I will be able to save my wife and others, but I need to accept her dark mercy and agree to drink her blood. From that moment, the thirst of human blood is constantly torturing me, but she kept her promises and my lands came back to thrive, so as a sign of my gratitude I send to her such people like you. Perhaps she will convince you, but otherwise you at least will be her food…”


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