Signum Game Battle Starter

Core Box

Battle For Vallor


With “Battle for Vallor” core box, you’ll get everything you need to immerse yourself into the Legends of Signum universe.

You’ll be in the frontliness witnessing and controling the destiny of a brutal and vicious fantasy battles between “The Free City of Vallor” and “Holy Grypharim Empire”. 

The Core box contains 22 unique carefully crafter resin miniatures along with over 200 game components, cards and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Let the battle commence..


30 – 90 Minutes

2-4 Players


What's Inside?

The Legends of Signum: Battle for Valor Starter Core Box sets a battlefield that will change the face of Signum. With two Great Powers – The Free City of Vallor and the Holy Grypharium Empire – facing off in a fateful clash, the Core Box features 22 beautifully detailed resin miniatures, and two separate 30-card battle decks and a unique Hero Card for each side. Adding to that are 30 terrain and building cards, along with 10 terrain templates, making every single battle unique both strategically and tactically. You will also find tokens, unique Signum Game dice, special rulers, and of course a rulebook with a quick rules reference sheet.

  22 Highly Detailed Resin Miniatures   30 Cards – “Free City of Vallor” Battle Deck   30 Cards – “Holy Grypharim Empire” Battle Deck
  Rule Book   100 Tokens   30 Terrain and Building Cards
   2 Hero Cards   4 Special Rulers   6 Signum Game Dice
  10 Terrain Templates   Quick Rules Reference Sheet