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“Legends of Signum” Support Cards Pack of Grypharim Empire


Support Cards Pack of Holy Grypharim Empire includes 45 different support cards for the “Legends of Signum” tabletop wargame. Here you can find tactics, spells, and relics necessary for the game that you can use with Holy Grypharim Empire. The set also contains 3 unique faction building cards. And as a bonus, you can find 2 random promo cards from the list in this Pack.

List of promo cards:

  • To Protect the Emperor!
  • Reinforcement Shield
  • Mask of Luck
  • Wind Spear
  • Weakening Strike
  • Brawler’s Sword
  • Astral Boost
  • Summoning Roll
  • Ortus Automaton Prosthesis
  • Mercenaries’ Banner

The Pack includes:

  • 45 faction support cards;
  • 3 faction building cards;
  • 2 random promo cards;
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