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Lethal thorns, Half Elves


Lethal thorns, Half Elves

3 x resin miniatures

High quality resin cast.
Unpainted, unassembled. Base included

2 sets of weapon.

Young Wolfen was very strong and nimble. Lockgar got used to fear nothing especially in the forest …
He came to the forest for rich prey. More experienced hunters of his tribe, warned him of the danger: about invisible shadows living here and bringing death, even for wolfen. Even so Lockgar only mocked at the old fables.
Now it was no laughing matter for him. From the Wolfen mouth a thin stream of blood was flowing on his chest. Several deadly spikes have alredy stuck in his body and only the dark gods were aware how many of them would pierce at his skin before he gasped out his life.
Being a hunter Lockgar become a victim. He was droven to bay and tracked down. Swift as the wind the grey shadows pierced at his skin more and more bolts. Their poison slowly killed his powerful body.
Lockgar stopped at the edge of the forest. He could not run any more. And then they came out of the shadows of the forest – grim silhouettes of half-elves. Each of them had a crossbow with poisoned bolt.
Half-elves were not in a hurry to finish him off.
They have already done their task. And then an enormous devourer Ranghor appeared in front of the beaters.
He wore rusty armour decorated with the skulls of other failures like Lokgar.
Although the horror grasped Lockgar, he was able to remember the nickname, which was awarded this devourer “The Collector of skulls.”
Ranghor appraised the young, already exhausted Wolfen and said,
“You’ve done a good job for me today. As a reward his tail and limbs are yours. Well, I take his head.

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