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Material : High quality metal cast.Packing : Packed in normal box
Out of breath, the young free leaguer turned around with fear in his eyes. He had already been trying to lose his pursuer for several minutes in the winding streets of the Kraken.
The hope that shot in him suddenly died away when he spotted a discreet movement on the roofs lining the backstreet. The sheer terror had him running again.
When he realized he didn’t recognize the streets anymore, it was already too late: he had just engaged in a cul-de-sac. Determined not to die without putting up a good fight, he swung around to face the mysterious woman who had been stalking him since he had left the inn.
The stranger stepped into the open and dropped the cloak covering her shoulders, unveiling the particular physique of the Akkyshan.
As she unsheathed a long jagged dagger, she spoke to him for the first time: “Caught in my web and exhausted. Now how about letting me toy with you; come on and give in to the aching web.”
“The Aching-Webs.” Cry Havoc Online 7, (4 November 2006).



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