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Fantasy Commander Starter Box

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Fantasy Commander is a strategy board game with highly detailed 20mm scale miniatures from Signum Games.
Take part in the epic battles of the Signum world, in which armies of fantasy creatures are involved in a big clash alongside glorified heroes.
Act quickly, decisively and watch out! Every step that you take can either bring a victory closer or deprive you of your well-deserved crown.

The box includes:

    • 60 high-quality miniatures;
  • Game cards: battle deck, tactic cards, unit cards, army cards;
  • Rule Book;
  • Game Map;
  • Terrain hexes;
  • Special Games Dice;
  • tokens: fatigue, capture points, wound, orders, initiative player.

Additionally includes “Empire of Iron Nest” Single Player Campaign:

  • Campaign rules book;
  • Campaign cards;
  • Special notepad;
  • Special tokens.

All miniatures have a scale 20mm.
All miniatures are unpainted and unassembled.
Includes bases.

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