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Caskuda vs Maximus Exclusive Pack

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A box containing:

  • 1x Caskuda
  • 1x Maximus
  • The miniatures in this product are made of thermoplastic.

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If the Caskuda and Maximus were to face each other on the battlefield of Infinity, it would be an epic encounter between two formidable forces.

The Caskuda, whose entry into the battlefield could easily be mistaken for a meteor shower, until they land, are an absolutely hateful, filthy, and disgusting nightmare.

On the other hand, Maximus has the resolve and courage to face any adversity or opponent.  Maximus will always stand up to anyone to protect the innocent and the powerless. And he will do so because he fights for what he believes is right and because he wants the Sphere to be at peace, which makes him a hero, especially in such turbulent and troubled times as the present.

This box includes 2 injected thermoplastic miniatures plus two exclusive scenic bases, one 55mm and one 40mm. Maximus with MULTI Marksman Rifle and a Caskuda with Combi Rifle (AP). Two amazing TAGs to expand your ALEPH or PanOceania collection, and your Combined Army collection.


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