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“Empire of Iron Nest” Faction Set

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The great Empire is called the Iron Nest in honor of the impregnable citadel which serves as the Emperor’s headquarters.
United under the church of Emris, its steel legions are well-equipped, experienced, and battle-ready. Boasting exceptionally skilled commanders, such as the legendary marshall Roland, the Empire’s forces are more than a match for the approaching undead armies.

The box includes:

  • Game cards;
  • Rulebook;
  • Tokens;
  • Dice.

All miniatures have a scale of 20mm.
All miniatures are unpainted and assembled.
Includes bases.

This product is not a standalone game.
Elevate your wargaming experience with a set of new units, intensifying the depth of strategy and tactics.
To embark on this journey, you’ll need the Fantasy Commander Starter Box.
Already equipped with miniatures? Order the Fantasy Commander Starter Box (without miniatures) instead.

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