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Dr. Sulfide, the Pus Collector


Miniature for “Legends of Signum” tabletop wargame.
Material: high-quality resin cast.

Scale: 32mm.
Class/Race: goblin.
Height: 43mm.

Properties: unpainted, unassembled.
ø32mm. round plastic base and game card are included

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“Do goblins recover from diseases easily? Oh, they do recover even more easily from somebody else’s disease.” Sulfide has laughed at his own joke. The doctor had visible purple magic stamps glittered on his clothes. Agnello carefully looked at tanks, retort, and autoclaves placed around in the goblin’s mobile laboratory.“So… what are you going to do with all of it?”

“Do you remember when the guild of alchemists and healers taught us that there is no poison or cure as it’s just a question of different doses?” It was logical even before Ambrosius researched these microscopic creatures that cause diseases. But could it be considered as a poison when it’s small living beings? Even if it’s not, my experiments have proved that there are poisons that remain poisons whatever the dose.

“So, is this one more use for diseases?”

“Not really. Combination of the ophidian magic and a bit of science, and here we have a pure effect without its source. ” The goblin opened one of the tanks around him, and this place has filled with some smell of spoiled fishes. “Have you ever seen how fishers die from a spoiled fish in a few days? I collected such fish and retrieved the poison that paralyzes a victim by only a small dose and kills it with large doses. Could paralysis be a cure? There is a lot of other medication. There is an ointment that causes gangrene, a non-infecting form of the plague, and even poisons that infect Elves.”

“Sulfide! Come on, close that freaking tank!” The master closed all breathing holes as he couldn’t stand the smell. “How much pus do you have over there?”

“Enough to kill a whole army!” the goblin laughed again.


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