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Gift Box


Miniatures for “Legends of Signum” tabletop wargame.
The box contains 1 random miniature out of 5 brand-new characters.

Material: High-Quality Resin Cast.
Scale: 32mm.
Race: human, centaur, undead
Properties: unpainted, unassembled.
Round plastic bases are included.

Inside the box, you can find:

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   Winter is coming, guys! It’s less than two months left before Xmas and New Year. Have u already planned what gifts you’re going to give to your family, partners and friends? If not, we have an awesome idea for u – our Gift Box

   Everybody likes presents and especially when they come as a surprise. And what if this present is a surprise for its giver as well? Well, today we start selling Xmas surprises to u, Signum fans. We worked on this really hard, set our imagination completely free and let the creative process take us far far away. This is how these 5 secret characters were born into this world. And now everyone has equal chances to get one of them! Isn’t it awesome? That’s why don’t delay and try your luck with our new limited edition miniatures! It’s gonna be fun, we promise :))

   5 new models, 20 of each kind, 100 pieces in general. Created with passion and packed with love. Now even we don’t know which box contains what.

   What can you find in this gift box?

Borghild the Queen of the Valkyries — a comeback to the classic image of Valkyries from legends and operas.

Genevieve the Centaur Lady — a warrior from a proud and unique race of half-Centaur half-Pigs.

Mister Rhod, the Lord of Illusion — a wizard who is very well aware of how to create a great performance and get all the attention from the crowd.

Ashanti and Bahanti Priestesses of War — two women who are an embodiment of deadliness and passion.

Nikta, the Retired Death — brand-new and non-trivial image of death.

   You can try your luck and find out what’s inside once you open your Gift Box. That will be an enigma for you to solve. It will give you a feeling of mystery and thrills while you are waiting for the arrival and a wave of excitement once u unpack the Gift Box. We sincerely hope that u like it.

   Buy it for yourself or your friend as a present for Xmas and get one out five miniatures from a limited edition. And if you were planning to purchase something from us but were hesitating over which miniature to pick – here comes a great chance to flip a coin and let the chance decide for you!

   Order one or several boxes for yourself or your friends and enjoy your winter evenings while playing our game with these unique new characters.


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