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Sheilesh, the Blade of Depth


Miniature for Legends of Signum tabletop wargame.
Material: high-quality resin cast.
Scale: 32mm.
Race: seafolk.
Class: fighter.
Height: 56mm.
Properties: unpainted, unassembled.
ø32mm. round plastic base is included.

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“Our ships of lucky gentlemen are always glad to meet Ophidians. The snakes are such remarkable mages, though they rarely become one of us.” The bearded seaman burst out laughing and took a big sip from his flask. “You look a little weird by the way. I always thought Ophidians are taller… and those weird things you have on your head…”

“Alri-ight, yo-ou go-ot me.” The voice of an interlocutor also didn’t sound like Ophidian. It was singing, melodic, with very long vowels in his speech, and not hissing at all, which is very strange as this sound is common for all snake-like creatures.

“I’m Ulmie.” the beastman answered.

“Ul… what? I never heard of it. Well… whatever. Everyone is welcome here!” The seaman took another sip and winced. “We are going to sail very soon. We’ll stay here for one more day, maybe two, and then move on.”

A pirate who hired that weird stranger was a first mate on a ship called “Grey Gull”. Captain Versor who owns the vessel, ordered to depart on the next day’s evening. He believed it’s supposed to be good luck to sail when the sun starts to set. But this time, that superstitious principle failed the seaman. Later this night when he was sleeping in his cabin, Versor suddenly heard a weird noise and felt smoke, and once he got to the deck, he saw a terrible carnage out there.

“Captain! Most of our sailors were killed while they slept!” A cabin boy ran towards him and shouted, but a barrel rolled with a great force has thrown the young guy overboard.

The captain looked at the person who did this. It was that strange warrior, hired by a first mate in the previous port.

“What are you doing, Ulmie?” The captain shouted and drew his boarding sabre.

“My na-ame is Shailesh. Ulmi-ie is the na-ame of my ki-ind.” Sang the creature, “And yo-ou, pirates, inva-ade our te-emples, seeking for gold, and yo-ou can’t even ima-agine what cala-amity you can ca-ause to the entire wo-orld of Signum. To sa-ave all inha-abitants of this wo-orld, we have no o-other choice but to destro-oy yo-ou all.”


A week after the disappearance of the “Grey Gull” ship, another pirate vessel moored in the same port. The pirate life is indeed difficult. Many pirates die when attacking other ships, others from an illness that seas could bring. Pirates always need new sailors that can hold a weapon, and there’s really a lot of people who would like to join.

“What’s your name, swordsman?” An old pirate asked a strange Ophidian that was sitting next to him.

“Shailesh. And sometimes, the Blade of Depths.” the beastman answered.

“That sounds like the name of a true fighter! I’m currently hiring sailors for my ship, do you want to make some money?”


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